The New Era of Tech Companies

Drawing thousands of the world's technology leaders together to learn, connect, and do business,

In an ever connected world, we find intimate spaces to have real conversations about the state and future of the world. Join our speakers in conversation on how Blockchain and the fourth industrial revolution will direct our future.

Explore new ideas, in a creative way

Drawing hundreds of Blockchain evangelists, and investors to experience ideas in a creative setting.

Close to the creative, industrial hub of NYC, Bushwick, open your minds and explore possibilities together. While we experience a new world of ever blurring lines between the physical, digital, and biological, experience this during your stay at 4thBlock.

The New Era of Tech Companies

Drawing hundreds of the nation's emerging technology pioneers together to exchange ideas and conduct business.

We are seeing an age of exponential transformation. With ubiquitous access to data, information, and communications, our social interactions are changing in ways much faster than we are able to comprehend. Blockchain is a clue to our future, together. Join us in talks to support collaboration towards our futures.

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